Back on Bali

Bali has a lot to offer for sun worshippers and beach bums. But it is also a very good place to pick up new/old ideas. Like the inventory at the sports bar next to the hotel. Chairs and tables are made out of wood and painted old to get that rustic feeling. I like it and the husband likes the English football on the tv’s. Everybody’s happy.




More shadows and lamps

This is the interior from an Austrian and Loa restaurant in Vang Vieng. The “see through” bamboo wall makes the light fall nicely over the interior. Also love the iron pole decorations in “the window”.

The green light bulbs is from a small cafe and they shone so brightly in the dark. Made me happy.



Creative cafe sign

This cafe had shut down as the owner had moved back to Japan. But the sign was still there. Like the nature look and simplicity in the nails. Where can I make something like this back home?